Hares and Scribes Info

Setting a Run?

Need ideas on how to host a run?

Read the Halfway Hashers Guide. (Download pdf here 646K)


Cook for 20~25. Maximum payout for Nosh is $130, and that includes drinks and nibbles for drinkstop. RECEIPTS are required for reimbursement.

PLEASE NOTE: If your nosh includes CHEESE, please make one meal without cheese for our cheese intolerant member. (Thank you).

Hash Pots, Rice Cookers, Slow Cooker:

If you need any or all of these to cater for your run, then contact TINNY - 0422 417 912 - in advance and arrange to collect them.

Hash Lights.

If you need the lights at your run, then contact TANKED UP - 0407 653 205 - in advance and ask him to bring them to your run.


Send your run reports no later than SUNDAY - 1pm to: brisbaneh4@gmail.com