Hares and Scribes Info


Setting a Run?
How to set a run is described in the 'Halfway Hashers Guide' (View Document)

Cook for 20~25. Maximum payout for Nosh is $130, and that includes drinks and nibbles for drinkstop. RECEIPTS are required for reimbursement.

Hash Pots, Rice Cookers, and Slow Cooker.
If you need any or all of these to cater for your run, then contact Hippy Hippy Shake - 0417 787 932 - in advance and arrange to collect them.

Hash Lights.
If you need the lights at your run, then contact TANKED UP - 0407 653 205 - in advance and ask him to bring them to your run.


Please send your run reports - no later than 1pm on the previous SUNDAY to: halfwayhash@gmail.com