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Halfway Hash Club Events:
 Date  Event/Link  Where  RSVP   Cost
15 Jun 2019 Halfway Cocktail Party African House, Jean Howie Drive, Morningside   $70 
$50 Halfway members
24 Jul 2019 Halfway Change Over      

Australian Hash Club Events: 
 Date  Event/Link  Host Club  Where  Notes
06 Apr 2019 Fire and Ice Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers Cedar Creek Pony Club  
4.00pm  13 Apr 2019Autumn StaggerRedlands Hash Wynnum Railway Station 
26 - 28 Apr 2019 1080 Poison Hash Cutlery Hash Yepoon Keppel Sands QLD  
03~05 May Nash Hash Croc Nash Hash Cooktown QLD  
12 noon
01 Jun 2019
Naughty NauticalWopa and FriendsPlough Inn SouthbankFree: Pay as you go.
Bring your Go Card
 27 Jul 2019  Wild Wild West  Combined Hash Event  Royal Mail Hotel Goodna  

International Hash Club Events: 
Date  Event/Link  Host Club  Where  Notes
21~23 Sept 2018 MeeKong IndoChina Hash NaTrang Hash & Saigon Hash NaTrang Vietnam  
24~26 Apr 2020 InterHash 2020 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago