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New to Hash?    
Read the Halfway Hashers Guide.  (View Document)
Why should you become a member? 
Members receive a $2 discount on run fees, and as a non profit club, membership fees are returned to members in the form of discounts to Club events, and give aways.  Members also have their runs tallied and receive a Mug at 50 runs which gets engraved when milestones are achieved.  

Want to hare a run?     
See our Trailmasters:   Lost & Found  and/or Fourex  (See 'Contact Us' for details) 
Want to host a special run?   
Check with the Committee and Hash Cash!
Want to buy a Halfway T Shirt or Badge?
See Hash Haberdashery, Hard Cock  T Shirts $20  Badges $4 (prices subject to change).

Want to view our photo's?  

Want to see what we are up to on FaceBook?   
Halfway has a Facebook Group page.  You will have to apply to Brisbane Halfway Hash House Harriers from your Facebook account to join the group.

Want to find other QLD Hash Clubs?   http://qldhhh.com.au/hashclubs.htm

Need to make a payment to Hash Cash?
Bank Details for Subs and events
BSB:      014-274   (ANZ Bank)
Acc No.:    57232 3024
Acc Name:       Halfway Hash House Harriers
Put your Hash Name on the payment details with SUBS/EVENT (Eg Bondage-Subs) and notify Hash Cash, Tinny, by email.

Handy Links:  
http://qldhhh.com.au/hashevents.htm - link to Queensland Hash House Harriers Cuming Events
http://www.hhh.asnau/ozevents.html - link to Oz Hash events
https://www.hhhworldevents.org/ - link to Hash events worldwide