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New to Hash?    
Read the Halfway Hashers Guide.  (View Document)
Why should you become a member? 
Members receive a $2 discount on run fees, and as a non profit club, membership fees are returned to members in the form of discounts to Club events, and give aways.  Members also have their runs tallied and receive a Mug at 50 runs which gets engraved again when 100 run milestones are achieved.  If you are Not a Member, then we don't count your runs.

Year Books
A year book is produced each year which includes Committee Position reports, each individual member's run tally, members hare tally and all of the clubs run details.  Yearbooks are made available for Halfway members.

Want to hare a run?     
See our Trailmaster: Tanked Up  (See 'Contact Us' for details) 
Want to host a special run?   
Check with the Committee and Hash Cash!
Want to buy a Halfway T Shirt or Badge?
See Hash Haberdashery, Hard Cock  T Shirts $20  Badges $4 (prices subject to change).

Want to view our photo's?  

Want to see what we are up to on FaceBook?   
Halfway has a Facebook Group page.  You will have to apply to Brisbane Halfway Hash House Harriers from your Facebook account to join the group.

Want to find other Australian and International Hash Clubs?
Go to the Aussie Hash website:    http://www.hhh.asn.au/    They have links to Australian Hashes as well as International Hashes.

Need to make a payment to Hash Cash?
Bank Details for Subs and events
BSB:      014-274   (ANZ Bank)
Acc No.:    57232 3024
Acc Name:       Halfway Hash House Harriers
Put your Hash Name on the payment details with SUBS/EVENT (Eg Bondage-Subs) and notify Hash Cash, Tinny, by email.

Handy Links:  
http://qldhhh.com.au/hashevents.htm - link to Queensland Hash House Harriers Cuming Events
http://www.hhh.asnau/ozevents.html - link to Oz Hash events
https://www.hhhworldevents.org/ - link to Hash events worldwide