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Receding Hareline: 
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Hares  Where Scribe Run 
 5/5/21 Verbal DiarrhoeaRembrandt St playground, Carina MAPDregs 2158
8 May  1920s Cocktail Party   
12/5/21  HermaphroditeToohey Forest, Toohey Rd. park outside Vd 2159
19/5/21  Bondage /PokerFKWHerm 2160
26/5/21 One Stick FKW Poker 2161
2/6/21 Overnighter/ SlipHerOne  FKWOne Stick  2162
9/6/21 Radar  FKWO/SHO  2163

About Us
The Club:
Our club is a member of the International Hash House Harriers Running Group. We are based in Brisbane Australia and run mainly on the South-Eastern side of Brisbane.   Hash is a non profit organisation and any profits are returned to its members.

We are a great mixed Adult Hash with ages ranging from 20's to 70's and we are a friendly fun Club!

What we do:
We meet on a Wednesday night at 6:15 pm for a 6:30 pm start. We run~walk for about an hour 
before we return to drink, eat, and laugh. We are noisy and lively. Wear joggers and a hash shirt if you have one.
Run: $7 non members, $5 members (includes a modest meal)
$2 for a pub run when you buy your own nosh. (food)

Varies every year and is currently $20.

What to bring:
A TORCH, PLATE, CUTLERY, some CASH for purchases and a Stubby Cooler.  Most importantly, bring a SENSE of HUMOUR

Contact Size14 on Ohh 420 275 002 if you would like more details on joining us a a visitor, or just turn up.